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Keep it hot this valentines day. 


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face paint

i gave my Dora a day of the dead face.

another music therapy session

good bye house

I lovely photo of my desk taken mid sewing session at the house I just moved out of.


Queensroad Care Home

I was asked to do some observational sketches at a music therapy workshop for elderly people suffering from dementia. As you can imagine the experience was quite moving. Some of the residents sang along happily while others slept, waking up briefly when the tambourines were handed out. One lady kept wanting to sing 'you are my sunshine' but only knew one verse so sang the same words over and over. One gentlemen, dressed in a Jazz Club jacket, left the session early, politely excusing himself and explaining that he had a recording session. I saw him in the dining hall 10 minutes later silently eating mushroom pate.
I will be going back for a second visit soon.
Here is the trailer for my animation 'Blue'. See the full version at our London show, Rare ( OR catch it at Cline East festival where it will be screened in The Brickhouse, Brick Lane on the 1st of July from midday.

Blue-Trailer from Rare on Vimeo.
Come to the Rare Kingston show. It will feature my work along with the rest of the Kingston Illustration and Animation 3rd years. 3-7th July at the Rochelle school, Shorditch

Rare from Rare on Vimeo.

More details on the website 
I went to the local swimming pool and drew some swimmers. I think this is illegal. 

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Sorry i haven't posted anything in a while.  I'v been busy finishing off my degree. I now have a website. Take a look



My final degree animation 'Blue', based on a short story by Andrew Kaufan, is coming along slowly but surely.